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The Wiraqocha Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 educational and charitable organization established in 1996 for the preservation of indigenous wisdom and knowledge systems,

and to promote human collaboration with Nature worldwide.


To teach the skills of nature intelligence in order to nurture optimal health, happiness, and harmony



Healthy Planet, Healthy People in cooperative, harmonious relationship


To Help


To help humanity remember their divine connection to Mother Nature - serving as an access point to the Fourth Level

To Act


To put Fourth Level principles into action, bringing people and nature together through education, service and sami

To Faciliate


To facilitate changes and connection between all of the sons and daughters and Pachamama. Through these interchanges, indigenous traditions are honored and preserved, and society is enriched and expanded.

To Perserve


To preserve and promote indigenous wisdom and knowledge systems.

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Wiraqocha Foundation

The Fourth Level
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