Book 1 in the MotherWorld Series  
by Elizabeth B. Jenkins          

SHE  is the first book in Elizabeth B. Jenkins' new MotherWorld series – an epic fantasy adventure about Elionoara, a young Paqo Princess from another planet, who must follow the signs in nature and her own intuition as they pull her inexorably toward a destiny unlike anything she could have have imagined. Her actions and those of her companions become critical to saving not only her world but her entire planetary system. In the end there is much more is at stake than any of these fourteen-year-old female heroines could ever have known.


The Fourth Level 
Nature Wisdom Teachings of the Inka 
by Elizabeth B. Jenkins

The Fourth Level: Nature Wisdom Teachings of the Inka is the culmination of Wiraqocha Foundation founder and bestselling author Elizabeth B. Jenkins 25 years of study, exploration and practice of the Inka Nature Wisdom Tradition.


A primer on how humans can increase their Nature Intelligence, this book translates the worldview of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, through Seven Energy Principles that reveal how we are each inherently connected to Nature. The book includes 7 authentic Inka practices or, "Nature Contemplations," that allow the reader to experience each one of the principles personally and directly.

"The practices are the best kind: simple, but powerful, and they just keep bringing more blessings into your life!"  – reviewer Travis Bodick

Journey to Q'eros
Golden Cradle of the Inka 
by Elizabeth B. Jenkins

The sequel to Elizabeth Jenkins' international bestseller, The Return of the Inka. Elizabeth continues the riveting true-life account of her initiation into the Andean Mystical Tradition as she leads a group of initiates to where the High Andes meet the Amazon jungle. Here at 15,000 feet, in the tiny isolated villages of Q'eros, the group is tested to the limit as they encounter their deepest fears and greatest hopes on their way to meet the living descendants of the Inkas. In the ancient Inka village of Choa Choa where "...smiling sacred brown-eyed people, living on the edge of time, invite you into their stone houses and serve you tea..." they pass their first test and meet Don Manuel Q'espi, High Priest of Q'eros. Only then is the group permitted to receive his initiation, and follow him to the Q'ollorit'i Festival held at 17,000 feet altitude – the precise location where the first Fifth Level Priest endowed with super healing powers, is prophesied to appear.

The Return of the Inka
A Journey of Initiation & Inka Prophecies for 2012
by Elizabeth B. Jenkins

This international bestseller takes the reader on a magical true-life adventure to discover the lost spiritual secrets of the Inkas and their Prophecies for 2012.

Elizabeth travels to Peru in 1988, where she discovers a land so compelling and a mysterious inner calling so profound that she quits her PhD, fiancee, sells everything, and moves to Cuzco. Constantly battling her rational mind to follow her spiritual impulses, she is led to an 'other worldly' encounter with an Inka mountain deity. This sets her on a path of unprecedented adventure into the mysteries and shadows of the High Andes, when she becomes the only white woman in a group of Native Andeans to be initiated by an Andean Priest.


Finally, persevering through challenges and spiritual obstacles she is able arrive to a higher level of Inka Wisdom, receive the Inka's Great Initiation of Hatun Karpay and discover their surprising prophecies.

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