All Wiraqocha Foundation  programs have a 90-day cancellation period.

No refunds are possible after that.


. . . Paqos in Paradise Program

"My granny had a farm in Ireland where I spent a lot of time as a child, helping her feed the animals, harvest the produce etc. It's in my blood and so I had a yearning to work on a farm again. When Elizabeth told me about this opportunity I could already see myself there before I'd even booked my flights.

The work wasn't too arduous – about 4 or 5 hours a day – and then we had the rest of the day to go explore. Some people may find it monotonous collecting/husking/cracking/sorting macadamia nuts, but for me, it was like a meditation. I really felt a huge sense of achievement when we got a rack of nuts filled to the brim.


I've expanded my knowledge of the food I eat, where it comes from, how it grows and how it's processed.  It made me want to eat more organically, cleaner, healthier foods. As nothing goes to waste on the farm we were taking only what we needed and I appreciated everything on my plate.


Being surrounded in nature and having plenty of time to sit, watch, listen, I found the intuitive side of my brain open more and more I could feel the energy in the ground, I could hear the trees talk to me. There was a sense of knowing what Pachamama needed me to do for her. My intention was always, "how best can I serve you?" Before this time on the farm, I had taken much of what this Earth has given me for granted.  Being part of the Apprentice Program at `Ai Lani Orchards was a perfect opportunity for me to begin to repay her kindness."

Helena Lavery, Yoga Teacher  Belfast, Ireland


Participating in the month-long Paqo Farms Apprenticeship Program was very rewarding – and humbling – on multiple levels. The combination of farm life and Elizabeth's teaching really opened me up to receive, further stepping into the fourth level.  I'm  glad I took the opportunity to grow here on `Ai Lani Orchards. And I'm very pleased with my new and deepened Nature relationships."

– Andreas Engbloom, Tattoo Artist, Stockholm, Sweden


In the Fall of 2017, I participated in the month-long apprentice program at `Ai Lani Orchards with Elizabeth Jenkins.  What I gained was a deep and absolutely unique grounding in nature and all its many dimensions.  If you have a connection with Pachamama or only wish you did, it's hard to find a more grounded place than the Big Island of Hawaii in the Ka`u District. You will learn about sustainable organic farming and how to honor the land that you use and walk on every day.  You will honor and intimately meet Pele, the Volcano Goddess, the Milky Way, the Black Ñust'a, Pachamama...the list is as long and as flexible as you are.

Here, you can completely disconnect from "normal life" and become who you are, perhaps meet your awake self for the first time. You will find strengths you didn't know you had.  I will not lie, the work can be hard and sometimes monotonous, but joy arises and your Inka Seed can grow and flourish out of that.

You will have expert, clear, and loving teachers in Elizabeth and Barney. In her book THE FOURTH LEVEL, Elizabeth says:  "...this book is a tool for the correction of perspective..."  and so is her Apprentice expect to be changed.


– Lynne Lang, Nurse, Snohomish, Washington