One Who Puts Order in Their Mesa Walks Higher Than The Angels

Mother Nature has an organic structure that is the foundation for her power and sustainability.

Surprisingly, many students of the Q’ero tradition are not taught the essentials concerning the structure of the Mesa, the structure of Offerings (including despachos – or haywarikuy, to offer by one's own hand), and how they are energetically created and organized.

An ancient Quechua song recorded at Qollori’ti Festival in the early 1930’s speaks of the importance of organizing your Mesa:


Translates to: One who puts order in their Mesa walks higher than the Angels

Khuyas, or the power objects that make up your Mesa, are gifts of love from a human teacher or a Nature Being teacher. Khuyas are gifts and cannot be bought.

Most things in the Andean worldview are organized in threes, like the three worlds (Hanaq Pacha, Kai Pacha, Ukhu Pacha, or Upper, Middle and Lower), the three powers of the human being, Munay, Yachay, Llanqay, and such is the case with Mesas and Offerings. The three powers of the Mesa the three powers of the path: Right, Left and Chaupi or middle.

The Right side power of the Mesa (the energetic power of the right hand side of the Path — not the literal physical right side of your mesa as that changes if you move it around;-) has to do with structure, ritual, initiation, logic, order and is held in the Apu Khuyas of your Mesa.

The Left Side of the path and thus Left Side Power of the Mesa has to do with spontaneity, creativity, chaos, intuition, and magic, and comes from the Pachamama Khuyas.

The Chaupi Mesa, or middle Mesa is called the Ñust`a Mesa, and the healing forces of Nature are in the Nust`a Khuyas of the Chaupi Mesa.

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