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I am excited and grateful to announce several very special Wiraqocha Foundation workshops coming up on our farm on the Big Island of Hawaii in September and October.

Our beloved Q'ero brothers Don Francisco Apaza and Don Ricardo Apaza will be here at our farm, Ai lani Orchards, working with our Paqo Farms apprentices from September 15 to October if you have been considering joining our month-long Paqo Apprenticeship Program, where the wisdom of the ancients meets the spirit of Hawaii in harmony with the natural world, September and October are the months to come!

We are also offering two shorter programs so that those with more limited time still have the opportunity to learn from the Q'ero in the beauty and majestic natural power of the Big Island of Hawaii.

From September 22–26, we will offer a special advanced course on Mesas & Offerings (Despachos). All of the Khuyas in your Mesa will be personally reviewed and empowered by Francisco Apaza – a despacho master and eldest son of esteemed Q'ero Paqo don Mariano Apaza. You will learn the care and feeding of your mesa as well as the structure and technique of the Q'ero, and receive the Qarpay of both these beloved Paqos.

Cost for the workshop, including 5 nights lodging and two meals per day is just $1395. Or, you can choose to participate in the full, month-long Paqo Farms Apprentice Program during September for the same cost (including participation in the Mesa & Despacho workshop).

From October 8-14 we are offering a special, 7-day Advanced Healers Training, exploring the earth-based healing arts of the Q'ero, including herbal and flower baths and techniques of calling the animo and healing with Khuyas and ñustas. Cost for this training, including 8 nights lodging with 2 meals per day during training days is just $1795. Or, you can choose to participate in the full, month-long Paqo Farms Apprentice Program during October for the same cost (including the Advanced Training.)

Space for all of these special programs is very limited, so I encourage you to apply early. EMAIL ME today to request more information and an application. I hope to see you on the Big Island this Fall!

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