Making a Female Apu: The Story of Mama Simona

In May of 2014, I received an excited phone call from Fredy, my intrepid Peruvian guide and best-in-the-world Quechua to English translator. He told me he was on Mama Simona mountain when the team excavating the archaeological site found a completely intact 400-year-old Mesa with all its khuyas.

Mama Simona– the only female Apu of the twelve sacred mountains system of the Cuzco Valley and the only one from which you can see all the other apus – had opened her mesa to the world!

What few people know is that Mama Simona was once a real live human priestess. A Mestiza (half Inka and half Spanish), she was so powerful that when she died, the people of her town performed the special ceremony to immortalize her spirit in the mountain, so that she could continue to look after them. This is the Andean version of the bodhisattva.

Mama Simona contains the power to integrate all the energy of the twelve sacred Apus of Cuzco and that is her mission. I understood that was the sign I had been waiting for.

Last November we took a group of five Q’ero Women Paqos to Mama Simona to perform an offering, opening the door to Miskayani and the sacred feminine knowledge of the Andes. Since then, the messages from Miskayani have been flowing in.

We know from all the most powerful Paqos of Q’eros that Miskayani is one of the five most potent sources of Ñust`as, the healing forces of Nature.

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