A Poem from Miskayani

This precious body is our garment, clothing for the soul.

We must care for this preciousness with all our love

Would you be afraid if someone took your sock?

Your shoe?

Your pants?

If they took all your clothes you would still be here

Naked…but here…until your drop returns to the larger sea

and we go back to bliss.

Is this something to fear?

It doesn’t matter how short or long we wear this garment body

It only matters what we do here while we have it on.

Do not fear to love

Be fierce with your love

Choose LOVE every time

How many times have you stopped yourself from showing love out of fear?

Love Fiercely



Love wears many garments

Plants, trees, sun, river, flowers, bees, rainMoon, humans, fish, planets, worms, bunnies, stars

,All these are the simple garments of love

Fashioned by the divine

– Elizabeth B. Jenkins


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