Sacred Feminine Wisdom

In 1988 my journey of reconnection to my ancestral roots in the sacredness of Nature took an interesting and much needed turn to the South. After leaving behind a PhD in clinical psychology at 29 years-old to travel to South America on a wild and esoteric adventure, I had a vision.

Through a series of strange and uncanny coincidences I had been given an ancient Inkan artifact of great power and was told to unite it with another power object called the “staff of power” that had, years before, been unearthed in Argentina by Tibetan Monks and given to an Argentinean spiritual teacher.

The artifact I carried was female. As far as I knew at the time it was called the ‘cosmic plate’ and there was a prophecy that it was to be united with the male “staff of power.” While these are epic sounding names, the objects themselves were very real, heavy, and made of solid stone. I know well because I carried it in my backpack across three borders!

Shortly after bringing these two artifacts together in a ceremony I had a vision that I later published in my first book. Fraught with internal strife over what I was told to do with this power object and what I felt was right to do, I sought refuge in the Cathedral of San Isidro, a beautiful church just to the North of Buenos Aires, and there I had a mystical vision:

There, on the left side of the altar, a figure is floating six feet off the ground. She is of a rare and refined beauty and is over seven feet tall. Clothed in ivory-colored satin, on her dress delicate plant forms make a pattern of exquisite beauty. Her body is sensuous and extremely refined. Huge brown eyes that show no white dominate her facial feature and long delicate antennae extend from her head. She is at once like a plant, an insect, and a most exquisite fairy. She is a female nature spirit, the embodiment of the beauty and delicate grace of nature; the Queen of this land. A sensation emanates from her of the most refined love and beauty I have ever beheld.

My attention moves to the right-hand side of the altar, and there, equally tall and stunning, floating above the ground is another figure. She is wearing a blue robe with a white hood and mantle. Her face is radiant, her hands open, extended in a gesture of supplication. Around her head twelve stars are shining and winking, circulating in a clockwise direction. She is beautiful. She is the Virgin Mary. The Cosmic Mother. She is the emanation of divine female energy. I stare transfixed, my heart drinking in their love, their beauty, their most pure and highest essence, their female power. I do not move. I cannot. All at once my attention is drawn to the altar between these two figures. I realize that I am seeing a vision and that my eyes are open, wide open. Before me and in the very center of the altar, a large golden chalice materializes in slow motion to the sound of a single bell. Then…holy choirs of angels, sacred song, and the bell and over and over and over and over again she appears, the Holy Grail reappears reappears reappears reappears on a hundred…a thousand…no…on every single altar in every single church in the world. She returns. Singing. She returns.

These were the only words I could find to describe a numinous experience. At the time I had no real clue about the meaning or importance of this vision. Although it was nearly thirty years ago, I now believe this was probably the most important vision of my life.

Several years later I was initiated into the higher levels of the Andean Priesthood, a spiritual tradition that is itself considered feminine, and was told of a sacred city of Mystical Female Priestesses called Miskayani.

For the last 26 years I have studied and taught the Inka Nature Wisdom tradition all over the world, but my last five years have focused most intently on the wisdom, feminine power and teachings emanating from the sacred city of Miskayani, and the Ñust’as, the healing forces of Nature. These teachings are about an embodied feminine power used to direct our collective energies with love and for the higher good, collaborating with Mother Nature in the most intimate and personal of ways. These are teachings about the inherent goodness and healing in the natural world of which we humans are an integral part.

My journey has led me to become an organic farmer on the Big Island Of Hawaii and I now choose to live in the luxurious lap of the most primal of Mother Nature forces with my neighbors, the biggest mother ocean, the largest (by volume) mountain and the most Active Volcano on Earth. Living closely with these Nature beings has taught me about their soul. Just as we act differently towards people if we see the soul in them…it is high time for us as a society to see the soul in the water, the mountain, the river, the wind. To see all of Nature as sacred and as part of ourselves engenders a different kind of relationship…a relationship of respect and responsibility.

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