The Nectar Teachings Of Miskayani

The Nectar teachings invite you to become one with the great flows of Mother Nature which come through our bodies at the quantum level and form the basis of our materialized reality.

These teachings are simple yet powerful.

There is a QUEEN MOTHER, a SOUL alive in each of the primary forms of Nature.

She makes food for us that we desperately need and seek.

Each Day Nectar Is Provided

By the Nature Mothers that look after our nourishment

It is delivered personally

Directly to each one of us

We need only open the magnetic space to receive it


Brings the Golden Nectar that we must take into our hearts


Brings the luminous black nectar that we must take into our sacrums


Brings the luminous Red nectar with which we must nourish our bellies

The PRINCESS of Wind —

Delivers the luminous silver nectar with which we must feed our throat

Take each of these nectars into your body, then release ALL your heavy energy to Mother Earth to ground you securely and completely. Begin your day well fed and nourished by our magnificent Ñust`as, and fully grounded in the arms of Pachamama!

The nourishment that we need…that we search for…is right in front of us

Just drink

It is SO simple

This is a teaching of tenderness of sweetness

Of the delicate and exquisite side of our natures

Our Delicious Sensuous Femininity

When we receive these nectars into our bodies, they inform us and teach us what we need to know next, do next….tell us which SAMI we need to provide to others

Once we understand how to recognize and follow the sami, we

Become like a BEE and follow the nectar to a sweet life!



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