You're Invited to a Book Tasting

Aloha worldwide Paqos and Friends... I am so excited to announce my next book project – unlike anything I've written before – and to share some great news about the kids in our Q'ero Kids Education Project. SHE is the first book in my new MotherWorld series – an epic fantasy adventure about a young Paqo princess from another time and another galaxy, pulled inexorably into a destiny far beyond her wildest imaginings. As she follows the signs in nature and her own intuition, her adventure becomes a quest to save not just her world – but her entire planetary system! For a limited time you can read the Introduction for free online; then you can download the first five chapters for just $4.99! Don't miss the chance to join me on this extraordinary adventure. Plus all the proceeds of this special online book-tasting preview go directly to support the kids of the Q'ero Kids Education Project, which provides tuition assistance for the sons and daughters of Q'ero Paqos to attend the school in Cuzco, Peru. And I'm so excited to share that four of our kids just graduated at the top of their class!! Next year's tuition is due in March, and we need to raise about $3000. You can help support the kids by 'tasting" the new book here. You can also support us by shopping the brand new Mestana Marketplace, or donating in other ways here. The early reviews for SHE have been amazing.I hope you'll be inspired and entertained too! And thanks for supporting our Q'ero kids! Mahalo,


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