Ñust'a Paqos Share a Traditional Q'ero Taki (song)

Our Ñust'a Paqo team consists of Doña Augustina (the widow of Don Mariano Apaza) Doña Monica (the grand niece of Don Manuel Q'espi and wife of Juan Apaza) Doña Rosa (wife of Don Ricardo Apaza) and Doña Marcusa (daughter-in-law of Doña Bernardina & Don Humberto) she was trained by Doña Bernardina and is AMAZINGLY POWERFUL!

We realized after the heart-stopping power of their initiations on Mama Simona Mountain at the Teqse Qocha (World Lake) that we needed more time with these powerful women. So we, very appropriately, invited them to join us for the initiation of the Ñust'as at Tipon. Tipon is an absolutely gorgeous and mind-bogglingly engineered Water Temple about 1 hour outside of Cuzco city. The water flows through these mysterious water channels at exactly the same volume all year round, no matter the amount of rain or droughts. Modern engineers cannot figure out how these water channels work! There are four powerful water channels dedicated to the Four Principal ñusta's known as Erq`e Ñust'a (the girl child) Sipas Ñust'a (nubile adolescent) Warmi Ñust'a (Mature or Mother Ñust'a) and Paya Ñust'a (Crone or wise elder woman)

After we received the Qarpay from each of these Ñust'a Paqos, they performed a magnificent Haywarikwee Offering Ceremonoy for us. Remember that "despacho" is a Spanish word that means "to send". The original Quechua word for offering is Haywarikwee which means "to offer with one's own hand" a VERY different meaning.

After our offering ceremony, into which we put all our sami, our thanks to Mother Earth, and asked for help to accomplish our deepest dreams, the ladies honoured us with a traditional Q'ero Song. It is magnificent and here it is for you all to hear. These Q'ero Taki (sacred songs) are something VERY VERY rare that you can almost never hear outside the borders of the Q'ero Nation! The last note always drops and is sustained in order to push the prayer to the Apus!

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