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"The Inka Intensive was like a full body energy opening. Every pore of my being was filled with the knowledge and experience of “living energy” all around me. After receiving my “new eyes” I was able to clearly see the energy around many living things, mostly plants and trees.


After receiving the Karpay from Elizabeth my head was filled with an astonishing amount of energy that was almost overwhelming and my hands have tingled with a great amount of healing heat since.


Because of the energy initiations I have received from Elizabeth I truly feel like I am a rightful Paqo!"


– Terri Gladden

"I first met Elizabeth during a workshop in Owen Sound.  All I really knew was that this workshop involved rituals to connect with and experience the different energies in nature.  I was at first skeptical of the work, but at the same time was willing to keep an open mind. Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced! 


From this workshop I understood (through experience) that there were other energies in this world, unseen, that we could connect with. I further went on to do the initiation trip in Peru. This was a life changing trip. I now have a sensitivity to spirits and energies in Nature, and wherever I go I now have tools for connecting with these energies.  


Thank you Elizabeth for your teaching of the Inka traditions.  I can only imagine how different the world would be if everyone understood our true connectedness to all things seen and unseen and the respect we would have for all living things, including the Earth herself."


– Steve Gautreau

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